A Spectacular World Map with Numerous Delivery Results


The large-sized world map is chosen by governmental bodies, banks, trading companies and the Self Defense Forces of Japan.

From S size, which would be appropriate for the intellectual training/sociological education for children, to L/LL size with a magnificent presence to be displayed in a president’s office or drawing room, we prepared 4 basic sizes to be chosen in an appropriate way for your display or gift. Furthermore, we are pleased to receive your order with special size in accordance with your request.

A wide variety of customizations would be available such as printing of company name/logo/commemorative words, specification of frame size other than standard frame, English/Chinese notation of geographical data and the map regulation on the Greenwich meridian.

Notation in Japanese, English and Chinese language is available.

Our Clients

  • The major organizations of Japanese government
  • Joint Staff Office, Ministry of Defense of Japan
  • Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
  • Base at Yokosuka, Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force
  • Camp Ogori, Japan Ground Self-Defense Force
  • Chiba University
  • Sumitomo Corporation
  • Kojima Metal Works Co., Ltd.
  • COSMOS MORE Co., Ltd.
  • Taikyo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
  • Numazu Branch, THE DAI-ICHI LIFE INSURANCE Co., Ltd.
  • More Creative Co., Ltd.
  • ECC Kokusai College of Foreign Languages
  • ELIZE Inc.
  • STE Co., Ltd.
  • Mannenya Bookstore Ltd.
  • Art Produce Co., Ltd.
  • Nali Co., Ltd.
  • ISHIDA Co., Ltd.
  • Tada Electric Co., Ltd.
  • YURIKOGYO Co., Ltd.
  • TANAKA KIDEN Co., Ltd.
  • Marubeni Corporation
  • Yoshida Shokai K.K.
  • Nitori Furniture Co., Ltd.


Product Lineup for Large-Sized Map

R TYPEReproducing the magnificent nature of the earth realistically

Color Type R, reproducing the beautiful ocean on the earth in accordance with its depth accurately has the advantage with its bright and realistic colors. Due to the precise color- coding based on depth of the sea, this map realized to bring the spectacular 3D effect, while it is on the same plane. The realistic texture, as if you were watching the beauty configuration of the ground created by Mother Nature from the sky, must contribute to extend your wings of imagination.

D TYPEAppropriate type for interior display with quiet tones of colors

Color Type D, unified in deep and dark blue for the ocean color, has the advantage of its massive and conservative color scheme. The land color is same with Type R, however, it gives us the wholly chic impression due to the calm color expressing the ocean. As the soft coloring, which could be harmonized with any kind of room, it is recommendable for the interior display for a wide wall.

S TYPEStimulating a spirit of inquiry with its retrospective texture

Color Type S, unified in sepia color as if it was drawn on parchment, gives us a nostalgic impression. Like an explorer who drew a dream in the Age of Discovery, please explore your thought for everlasting adventure. As for the expression of countries and regions, the present expression is used and so you can use it as a modern map as well.

Acrylic resin

In printing the map on the acrylic plate directly, the function as an interior was improved, which gives the map an impression of transparency and depth with further sophisticated taste.

Universal Standard

Based on that Greenwich Observatory in UK is supposed to be 0 (zero) longitude, the universal standard of World map is regulated to have 0 (zero)   longitude in the center of map.

The basic price S(W900mm×H450mm) M(W1200mm×H600mm) L(W1800mm×H900mm) LL(W2400mm×H1200mm)
Aluminum Frame 62000円 108000円 138000円
Wooden Frame 84000円 155000円 204000円
Acrylic 53000円 94000円 184000円

※Consumption tax and shipping charge are not included in the prices. A Custom order in terms of specified size or design will be estimated individually. *The price includes the frame.

※In case of not being customized, the copy of “Royal Collection World map Product DAIKEN” will be printed in the left bottom in purpose of preventing the reproduction of the world map.

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